i’m awesome! #AC

My anon account is semi new. I started my anon with my best friend but she doesn’t even know that I’m in such a deep clinical depression. My account never shows it. I use my account as my escape from my sadness. I’ve even considered stopping school for a little while to go to a mental health center. My account helps me stay optimistic and happy. I’m so happy I started it and I love all of my followers! #AC

I’d rather follow someone who tweets something absolutely hilarious or super inspirational once a week than someone who floods my TL with updates on how their pencil sharpening is coming along. #IDontCareSweetie #AC

One of my friends is making her anon slutty and obnoxious in an attempt to gain more followers. The worst part is that it’s working. I hate it and I wish I could unfollow her, but it would really hurt her feelings if I had to explain why. (P.S. Before you say it, this is not about jealousy. I have 5x as many followers as she does, and I didn’t get them through #twitterafterdark.) #AC

i wish i could say this on my own anon, but the person i’d like to talk about follows me. stop being so selfish and think about someone else for a change. #AC

I find it quite funny that some girls on here take Twitter so seriously. One drunk night of funny tweets is acceptable in my book. What isn’t is being a hypocrite. You, darlin’, get shitfaced almost nightly and act like a slut on here. Then call me out. #GrowUp #AC

I am skinny. A size 1. And yet I get called anorexic because I work out and just have a fast metabolism. Stop bashing me. #AC

Twitter has become a place where there is an anonymous world that has a confessional and a “burn book”- thats ridiculous. It’s not real life but it sure does seem like a virtual high school. Grow up. Stop worrying about some nobody behind a screen. #AC

I’m one of the “bigger” anons and every day I struggle with my weight. Often times I wish I had a gag reflex so I could be bulimic. Sometimes I don’t eat a meal all day. I’m guilty of tweezing about it too. I’m sorry if this has hurt anyone. #AC

I know some of my tweets come off as bitchy, but I just have a sarcastic, inappropriate sense of humor. I feel like my followers are afraid to talk to me sometimes for help or advice. I’M A NICE GIRL! You can always talk to me! Promise I’m not mean. #AC

I’m a pretty “big” account but it seems like to get the most followers you have to make your avi a picture of boobs or an ass and constantly participate in twitter after dark. Sorry I’m above that. #AC

It disgusts me when girl anons tweet guy anons and talk about how they want to sit on their face and fuck them. You don’t know them, let alone what they look like. You sound like an idiot. #AC

You say twitter is a joke? That means you’re not real enough to admit you’re fake. #AC

if you have the name classy in your name, I honestly do not believe you. #AC

Wanting to favorite a reply to your confession but can’t. But I see you! #AC